Bodejas Navajas


Bodejas Navajas – Navarette La Rioja, near Logroño, Spain

bodega_noche26The immediate history of Bodegas Navajas dates back to 1978 when the Navajas family became part owners of Bodegas Arjona. In 1983 they became the sole owners. Today, the bodega is run by Antonio Navajas and his wife Rosa Maria Gandarias. Their son Roberto is in charge of winemaking and quality control while their daughter Mercedes handles the export side of the business.

Grapes are sourced from 150 hectares of land in the Rioja Alta and Baja both from directly owned vineyards and from producers under contract to the winery. Bodegas Navajas insists on low yields and handpicking to ensure quality. In the winery, modern technology goes hand-in-hand with traditional techniques and long aging for the Reserva and Gran Reserva wines.

puerta_forja_special09The grapes are typically destemmed, lightly crushed, and then fermented in stainless steel vessels with a daily pumping over. Before the malolactic fermentations are completed the skins are pressed and the press wine added to the free run juice. The young wines (Joven) see no wood aging while the Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva styles see wood ageing for between 12 and 36 months. The barrels come from France, America, and Romania. The winery has storage capacity for 10,000 barrels and 200,000 bottles.

Wines available: Rioja Blanco Crianza, Rioja Blanco Joven, Rioja Graciano Crianza, Rioja Graciano JovenRioja Tinto JovenRioja Tinto ReservaRioja Tinto Crianza